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More Ideas for Perlmonks.

by BigJoe (Curate)
on Nov 17, 2000 at 01:03 UTC ( #42077=monkdiscuss: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I have read different nodes talking about an area where people could post scripts for others to look at and trouble shoot. I have also read about people using PerlMonks on their resume's to show examples of their code. Personally I like to be able to show running code to prospective employers. I ran into a problem today. My personal account that I had at GVSU got shut off. This is where I once had running code and sample code to present to employers. I have been looking around for web hosting places and then I thaught what if perlmonks hosted? That would be really cool on a resume:

To view examples of the code I have written go to

I would rather pay The Everything Development Company ©/Perlmonks to host it. It could be something simple like creating user accounts on a (*nix) server for users that pay to put scripts on.

I would like to know what everyone thaught of this idea. I don't know if it would be too much. I know I ask alot from this site, but it's the only site I have at least one browser on all day. If Vroom and The Everything Development Company © decided that it would be too much work for them to keep up would a fellow monk like to host or support something like this?


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Re: More Ideas for Perlmonks.
by AgentM (Curate) on Nov 17, 2000 at 01:13 UTC
    If this were to become a reality, i would hope that it would be hosted on a separate virtual server. Someone might be able to do damage to the internals of PM if they were on the same machine. Also, i don't think that a telnet account would be an option since it would need to be a pretty massive set of servers to hold so many users which might not pay off since someone would need to hire a sysadmin.

    If I may humbly suggest using Apache's mod_rewrite (brutal huh?) or mod_redirect, to link to his home node, which may actually contain resume information and links to posted code or offsite code. No need to create UNIX users since we shouldn't have such the massive privilege anyway. Perlmonks would die since folks would be ytalking right and left and code could be saved online in files for everyone to see instead of via this nice GUI. I would consider that a mistake.

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Re: More Ideas for Perlmonks.
by johannz (Hermit) on Nov 17, 2000 at 04:43 UTC

    I believe that this would be a headache and troublesome for Everything to host. There are several low-cost hosting sites out there, some of which do offer CGI access. Sometimes this even includes a shell account. I believe these hosting services are a better mechanism for providing this service than Everything Development would be.

    I would offer a variation on what AgentM said and suggest that you list on your home node links to the offsite pages you have designed to demonstrate your coding ability. This way, those of us here at perlmonks that are interested in looking at you code would be able to, while maintaining the targeted purpose for perlmonks.

    Currently, I use which is $10/month, $100/yr. for telnet access which includes full CGI, including mysql access. This basic account includes 10 megs of storage and a reasonable file transfer quota. For an extra $4/mth, you can get the works, which bumps you up to 50 meg quota, anonymous FTP, etc. This was not meant as an advertisement for, just offering a solution for running CGI scripts when you can't run a server at home.

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