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Re: Improving disclosure of quality for Catagorized Q&A Answers

by PodMaster (Abbot)
on Jan 18, 2005 at 09:08 UTC ( #422943=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Improving disclosure of quality for Catagorized Q&A Answers

On the Q&A question/answer display page, the answers should at least show how many followups they have so that people will know if a particular answer prompted feedback of some sort.
This has come up before ( Re^2: Format of Q&A Section (yes)) and its partly why we now see who originally wrote the question/answer.

Right now, when you visit Newest Nodes, and there is a new categorized question or answer, the author appears as QAndAEditors, but if you actually visit the question page, the original authors name is shown.
I think that it should always appear as QAndAEditors, because QAndAEditors are ultimately responsible (and don't worry, the original author would still receive XP).

I am not really in favor of an "opt out" option since answers do get sorted by XP, but I do think the actual number of points should not be revealed because QAndAEditors don't receive XP :) It kinda goes towards the whole FAQ look I think we're shooting for, and in that spirit, then we might need an honorary QAndAEditors list, a list of original authors (sounds elaborate yes? :).

What should happen after an unsanitized answer gets commented on, and the QAndAEditors polish it up, the replies(comments) to that answer are no longer relevant?

Considering each reply for deletion (nuke or reap?) is a tedious, so there is something a pmdev might improve upon (auto consideration?).

Another thing a pmdev might improve upon is the nuking of replies of nuked answers, that is when a categorized answer is nuked (removed from database), its replies still linger, and considering them for deletion is also tedious (they should just be nuked along with the answer).

I just remembered some standup comedienne was doing a routine about finding a sticker on her underwear saying "Inspected by Doris", which made me think it might not be a bad idea to actually mark polished questions/answers as such, maybe a picture of a checkmark or a thumbs up or something like "Approved by 10 members of QAndAEditors".

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