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Re: trying out Maypole: Class::DBI::Loader calling set_db?

by nite_man (Deacon)
on Jan 20, 2005 at 09:14 UTC ( #423628=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to trying out Maypole: Class::DBI::Loader calling set_db?

I think you've forgotten add Class::DBI::Loader::Relationship in your base Maypole package:

package IsfdbMaypole; use strict; use warnings; use lib qw(/home/hossman/.perllib/lib/perl5/site_perl); use base 'CGI::Maypole'; ### use Class::DBI::Loader::Relationship; ### IsfdbMaypole->config->uri_base("http://XXXXXXXXXXX/~hossman/maypole\ /"); IsfdbMaypole->config->display_tables([qw[people]]); IsfdbMaypole->config->rows_per_page(10); IsfdbMaypole->config->user("hossman"); IsfdbMaypole->config->pass("ZZZZZZZZZZZZ"); IsfdbMaypole->setup("dbi:mysql:test"); 1;

Michael Stepanov aka nite_man

It's only my opinion and it doesn't have pretensions of absoluteness!

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Re^2: trying out Maypole: Class::DBI::Loader calling set_db?
by hossman (Prior) on Jan 20, 2005 at 18:26 UTC

    Good eye. I didn't include it because the CGI::Maypole example didn't bother with it either. It was my understanding that since I was only dealing with a single table -- and had not configured any relationships -- it shouldn't be neccessary. I tried adding it back in which no change to the error.

    I think Corion has given me a good pointer to the source of the problem, now i just have to follow that pointer and see where it leads.

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