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Re: Back to Perl

by tcf03 (Deacon)
on Jan 21, 2005 at 15:54 UTC ( #424019=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Back to Perl

I have recently changed jobs, in my old job - I used PERL because I wanted to. In my new job I use PERL because I have too. I haven't had to re-learn perl per say, but rather how to code perl for a community rather than just for myself ie easier to read, and more efficient. Its been a trying process, but a worth while endeavor. Iv'e been using PERL for a number of years and have learned to better utilize the tools PERL has to offer, and some features that I never even knew existed.

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Re^2: Back to Perl
by YetAnotherDave (Beadle) on Jan 21, 2005 at 16:06 UTC
    I'm about to go thru a similar job-change. I've done a fair amount of perl coding in my current job, but the new one will be primarily writing perl application code. I'm expecting my new co-workers to point out lots of bad habits I've developed.

    ChilliHead - if I were you I'd try to find a way to put your efforts in re-learnig perl during your 'downtime' on your resume. It'll be a good sign to prospective employers that you're actually into programming, not just in it for the $$.

      I've always avoided putting things I've learned at home on my resume.

      Here in the the UK employers aren't interested unless you've got at least 2 years commercial experience in the last 2 years. When they find you've only used x technology at home, their eyes just glaze over.

      Maybe employers where you are understand that the technologies we use in our own time are the ones we know the best.

      What ees dis, some kind of hufty?
        but you can list contributions to open-source projects on your resume...

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