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(brainpan) Re: Personal Node Order

by brainpan (Monk)
on Nov 21, 2000 at 04:21 UTC ( [id://42633]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Personal Node Order

AFAIK, no. I may be wrong on this, but I believe that the order you add things to your personal nodelet is the order they appear in. My hackish way to get around this is to keep a template for my nodelet. When I want to change something I modify my template, check the "remove" box next to all of the old entries, paste the updated version into the appropriate field and submit. Voila! A functional workaround. To the curious, here is a portion of my template:

</a><b>Navigation:</b><br>Perl Monks User Search|PM User Search<br>Sup +er Search<br>Best Nodes<br>Worst Nodes<br>Random Node<br> <br></a><b>Information:</b><br>Voting/Experience System<br>Guide to th +e Monastery<br>Outside Links<br>Perl Monks Site FAQ<br>Perl Monks FAQ +<br>Perl FAQ<br>Site How To<br> <br></a><b>Your Input:</b><br>Report a bug<br>Make your petition<br>Ed +itor Requests<br> <br></a><b>Capitalism</b><br>Buy Stuff<br>Perl Monk Merchandise

I got tired of having all of the "official" nodelets spread all of the links I used over the length of the page and decided to consolidate them all into one nodelet. The </a> at the start of each "header" keeps the title from being a bad link and serves to make it stand out somewhat from the rest of the entries. I have all of the items in a given category stored as one long string so that the node links don't end up starting with %20 (a space). It doesn't look as pretty in the template, but for some reason having those unnecessary characters at the start of the URL bother me.

And no, I don't own 27 pairs of sweatpants.

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