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Hi All,
Can anyone explain why this fails on perl 5.8.3? I tried various utf8 tricks, but I can't get it to work...
Update: johnnywang++ and borisz++. Write file out as utf8, but read in a file using XML::Simple's XMLin interface!
use XML::Simple qw(:strict); use Encode; # use open 'utf8'; # Can't get this to work - should open all files as + utf8... use Data::Dumper; my $val; $val->{utfchar} = "\x{10a0}"; my $xml = XMLout($val,KeyAttr=>{item=>'name}); open (OUT,">out.xml"); print OUT $xml; close OUT; # Yes, I could use a different slurp funciton... my $readin=""; open (IN,"<out.xml"); while (<IN>){ $readin = $readin . $_; } close IN; my $result = XMLin($readin,KeyAttr=>{item=>'name'},ForceArray=>1); if ($result->{utfchar} eq "\x{10a0}"){ print "Wohoo!\n"; } else { print "Doh!\n"; }

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