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Re^3: To Single Quote or to Double Quote

by radiantmatrix (Parson)
on Feb 01, 2005 at 21:51 UTC ( #427063=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: To Single Quote or to Double Quote
in thread To Single Quote or to Double Quote

I second your recommendation to use a syntax-highlighting editor, but I want to expand. Not all editors (even fte, sadly, which I loved) handle complex quoting in Perl in a sane manner. For example, an editor might have trouble with some of:

qq[]; s///; y///; ##and so on, any with three separators s[][]; ##etc m,/,; ##non-standard matching, esp with a slash m/\//; #matching with an escaped version of a delimeter

The only editor I've ever found that handles all of those correctly is SciTE.

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s//2fde04abe76c036c9074586c1/; while(m/(.)/g){print substr(' ,JPacehklnorstu',hex($1),1)}

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OT: Re^4: To Single Quote or to Double Quote
by Tanktalus (Canon) on Feb 01, 2005 at 22:06 UTC

    FYI - FTE handles all those just fine. It's not perfect, but those particular types are working currently. I've fixed many of the perl syntax highlighting problems in FTE, but I don't think any of those ever had a problem that I had to fix.

Re^4: To Single Quote or to Double Quote
by wolfger (Deacon) on Feb 02, 2005 at 16:54 UTC

    My Windows editor of choice handles all of that just fine. I wish they made a Linux version.

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