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CPAN::Forum opens its virtual doors

by szabgab (Priest)
on Feb 03, 2005 at 10:42 UTC ( [id://427576]=perlnews: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I am happy to announce the first live version of CPAN::Forum.

It provides an easy way to follow discussions of specific modules. It might be close to what was discussed here in comments/discussion

I hope people who are searching for modules will find the Forum a good place to discuss them. For example if you have something to say about CPAN::Forum you can do that in the its own subforum and people intersted in that topic will be notified.

I'd like to thank the Monks who helped me in some of my recent questions here and made it quicker to open the site

Maybe you could add a shortcut to PerlMonks that would lead to the subforums on the CPAN::Forum. The standard way to link to modules there is

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Re: CPAN::Forum opens its virtual doors
by jmcnamara (Monsignor) on Feb 03, 2005 at 11:24 UTC

    Well done. That is a very useful resource. ++

    As with CPAN ratings this is another example of why people should ignore circular debates about why something won't work and just go and try it instead.


      ... not that CPAN ratings can be considered a success :). I see it as a certain, inconvenient fragmentation of information, but for modules that have no central point of discussion, this might prove convenient.

Re: CPAN::Forum opens its virtual doors
by grantm (Parson) on Feb 04, 2005 at 00:59 UTC

    As the author of the original post you cited, I'd like to say "well done!" for getting this off the ground.

    In the spirit of continuous improvement, here are some ideas...

    • Allow links in the comments. My original plan was not so much to create a whole new forum for discussion, but rather a place for links to existing resources. (Of course, I realise you're implementing your plan and not mine :-))
    • Allow editing of comments - kind of like Wikipedia. That way, if someone starts a 'DBI' page (for example), then over time links to tutorials and FAQs and articles can be added without creating a huge number of threads for a user to search through.
    • Put a search entry box directly in the top nav bar - make it default to the module (distribution?) names search behaviour.
    • Incorporate the average ratings data directly into the main page for a distribution - I'm sure you could get it if you ask ask.
      Good ideas, thanks.

      I like more control than a wiki would do. I ran 2 wikis and had to shut done both due to exessive spamming and lack of community. Of course it proves more that I was not good at initiating them and maintaining them than they are not good.

      I though of finding people who would volunteer to maintain the subforum of one distro. This would include taking care that the discussion is clean (no spammers and other bad ppl) and build some kind of a home pages for the module. Linking to other sites, emphasizing nodes etc.

      BTW allowing links is in the work, I just wanted to get the site off the ground (or my HD) so to get feedback soon but knowing the real work only starts now....

        To reduce comment spam, forums like PM and yours should consider using nofollow.
      It all looks like going in the direction of a wiki rather than a forum. Perhaps a hybrid wiki-forum would be the ideal?
Re: CPAN::Forum opens its virtual doors
by zby (Vicar) on Feb 03, 2005 at 12:12 UTC
    ++ Could you change the requirements on nick so that I could use my usual three letters nick?
    Update: There should be a way to choose multiple modules as related to a post for module comparisons.

      Maybe in the spirit of things you could use "user::zby" as your nick? Just a thought... I do agree that there should be no minimum length on a username.

      Linux, sci-fi, and Nat Torkington, all at Penguicon 3.0
      perl -e 'print(map(chr,(0x4a,0x41,0x50,0x48,0xa)))'
        I do agree that there should be no minimum length on a username.
        Right on. From here on out, I'm ditching 'elusion' and going with ''. ;-)
      well, the minimum was reduced to 1.
      I cant go any lower :)

      posting to multiple modules is in the TODO list.

      Can I second this? =]
Re: CPAN::Forum opens its virtual doors
by gellyfish (Monsignor) on Feb 08, 2005 at 16:35 UTC

    I'm always glad to see some one applying a bit of JFDI rather than having interminable discussions about things. But as a module author/maintainer, this puts me in a bit of a spot - it's probably easier just quote what I said when asked about this somewhere else:

    I can't see what niche this fills: if there are bugs in a module to report then the author will probably have indicated where these should go, either to , to a mailling list, direct to the author or whatever.

    As a module author and/or maintainer I don't want to have to monitor another site to pick up support issues anyway, but having it as a web forum just makes it even more inconvenient - the majority of the free time I have when I might be able to offer support to my modules is those times when I will not be able to use a web site. I prefer e-mail.

    There is no option on the site to opt your modules out of it - so if this achieves some semi-official status, then people who have problems with the modules I support are going to perceive that they are poorly supported when they don't get a response.


      You don't have to monitor the site - just register to have it mail you if someone posts about your module.

      You could also pre-emptively post a message that links to whatever FAQ, mailing list, project web site, tutorial article etc documents already exist.

      It is not all about bugs. There can be usage advice, examples. And also you could post there something that you don't know if it is a bug or not. Generally - a place where other module users can help each other.

        Fine, but I am not sure what value it will have if it is not being read by the modules authors and/or maintainers/


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