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You do not have a "PERL" script because there's not such a thing a "PERL". Please check

perldoc -q 'difference between "perl" and "Perl"

That's really quite a silly thing - since it is an acronym after all, but I suppose it's better you tell him/her now than for him/her to get beaten down for it by a random Perl chain gang.

You know how fanatical THOSE guys are! Whoops! I said THOSE in all caps!

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all of the above stated comments are astute and informative wrt making single-threaded code multithreaded.

There are many caveats to programming multi-threaded code. You can look at nearly any languages approach to writing it and apply those techniques (though not the syntax) to ... Perl (phew, dodged a bullet there).

If you decide to post some of your code, myself and others would be happy to look at it.
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