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Re^4: Would you work at a porn company?

by Anonymous Monk
on Feb 14, 2005 at 22:36 UTC ( #430973=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: Would you work at a porn company?
in thread Would you work at a porn company?

Most people -- presumably not you, given your work experience -- do not realize just how expensive drug-discovery is.

At drug companies, that process is ultimately funded by investors looking for profit, either directly or through mutual funds.

Even if one expects all the scientists to work for free, and fires all the marketers and HR staff, you still have to pay for buildings and reagents. Some of the plastic-ware runs to $250 for a single-use flask.

But I'm sure you already know that.

So instead of making rude comments here, how about linking to the lobbying groups that advocate public funding of research in your area.

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Re^5: Would you work at a porn company?
by fauria (Deacon) on Feb 14, 2005 at 23:43 UTC
    The knowlege i might have in this area, which is not as big as you may think, is not related to my work experience.

    I have just developed system administration tools, and some monitors for Nagios (network management and monitoring tool) for the ebusiness area of a big pharmaceutical company (i dont mind updating this with its name if desired). It was a customer of the company in which i was working, not the pharmaceutical itself.

    This started because i said that working for a porn company would be moraly more satisfactory for me.

    I dont know what the European Union policies relating research in this area are. I know its expensive, but that will not change my mind.

    I dont think of this as the correct place for arguing this, i have replied you because you have posted as anonymous. Please, send me a private message, and i will continue this thread in another place

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