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When Worlds Collide

by sleepingsquirrel (Hermit)
on Feb 23, 2005 at 17:12 UTC ( #433772=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^5: Appealing a consideration?
in thread Appealing a consideration?

I'm probably missing the forest for the trees, but it seems like we are being overly concerned about search capabilities for possible (unborn maybe?) future monks. I see You can use HaXml for munging XML in Haskell as a direct answer to the parent node. Since the parent's question was in public view, it seems like the answer was best displayed publically. If anyone else can be enlightened by those words, good for them, if not, oh well, the answer was directed towards BrowserUK. I'm trying to imagine the disaster senario which occurs in the year 2038 when a newbie monk (who doesn't know about supersearch) comes to the monastery. He acts very tentatively (this being very ancient technology and all (What!? No holograms?)) and types "HaXml" into the search box. When suddenly, horror of horrors, he's directed to You can use HaXml for munging XML in Haskell. Even though this is perlmonks, he has been exposed to (gasp!) an off-topic post about XML libraries in Haskell.

Now you might contend that he deserved it, since he was the one who decided to preform that particular search, but what you don't know (being that you are still stuck in the present) is that one word titles were banned as an extravagant luxury after the robot wars of 2029. Violators are subject to immediate summary execution. But never fear! Our intrepid hero, thinking quickly, decides to avert his eyes, lest he become tainted by this crime against nature. He hits the back button and resumes his quest for the information he needs about Perl7, in order to lead a successfull rebellion against the evil robot overlords and saves the world. Yay!

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