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Sorry if this is somewhat off-topic, but I'm not sure where else to ask this.

I'm working on a site that involves users posting formatted text documents. They'll actually be using POD with a different L<> syntax for the formatting--it's simple, safe (with =begin/=end/=for disabled), and does what's needed. The structure of the site is something like an Everything Engine Lite--not everything's a node, but it's extremely database-driven.

At this point, I don't know how how heavy the load will be, but it could potentially be very popular, so I'm trying to make sure it can handle significant loads. To that end, I'm parsing the POD only once (when a document is posted) and storing the HTML version for later.

My question is, will it be more efficient to store the HTML versions of these POD documents in the database or in a separate file? (Realize that if it's on-disk, I can read it in line-by-line, whereas I believe keeping it in-database would essentially mean slurping everything into memory.) These documents will probably range between 2-100KB; I can probably cap them at 65K (the size of a MySQL TEXT column).

Thanks in advance for any advice.

--Brent Dax
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