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Re^2: Perl oddities

by gaal (Parson)
on Mar 01, 2005 at 19:16 UTC ( #435579=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Perl oddities
in thread Perl oddities

Often you can just assign the results of the match. Make sure you are in list context if you have only one capture.

my ($this, $that, $some, $other) = /(this)(that).*(some)....(other)$/; my ($cap) = /hello(there)/; # OK my $cap = /hello(there)/; # BUG

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Re^3: Perl oddities
by Anonymous Monk on Mar 02, 2005 at 13:38 UTC
    Often you can just assign the results of the match.

    But not if you use /g, as /g acts quite differently in scalar and in list context.

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