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I'll disagree. I think that this list of oddities is a perfect place to vent, to reflect on where we are, how we got here, and, just as importantly, if not moreso, where we are going. Many of these oddities seem to have been made into RFCs for perl 6 - which is why perl 6 seems to solve so many of them. But, don't worry, a year or two after perl 6 comes out, we can have this thread all over again with perl 6's own oddities, as brian_d_foy points out ;-}

(I'm not disagreeing with it "getting irritating" - that's your feelings, and you're entitled to them. Just disagreeing with the implication that this is not a nice discussion providing insights into how people think, which I think it has done, and more: whether those oddities will be addressed or not in future versions of perl.)