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Re: Solaris, Perl 5.8 and use 5.005

by cog (Parson)
on Mar 07, 2005 at 13:22 UTC ( #437195=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Solaris, Perl 5.8 and use 5.005

1) Why do they say that?

2) I used to work at a company which had the policy of having documentation in Word format, while the development was being done in *nix platforms. Needless to say, their documentation was not as good as it should be... What I'm trying to say here is that just because something is company policy doesn't mean it's a good practice (but I'm not saying that only one single version of the perl binary is bad). Anyway, I can't see any problem with removing the older perl binary for the newer one; you shouldn't have any problem with that, but see the next point and do test the apps.

3) Can't help you with your questions, but regarding "Existing apps will break", how about including a testing part in the migration process?

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Re^2: Solaris, Perl 5.8 and use 5.005
by ZlR (Chaplain) on Mar 07, 2005 at 13:40 UTC
    1) Hmm, i think the perl was long ago compiled from source by someone who wasn't in the know. After that someone modified it in some strange ways, and it became a mess.

    Now noone knows what's going on with it and if they want to make it clean by company standard they need to upgrade to solaris 8 : that's because Solaris 6 is being discontinued here so if you need to change something with the OS team it will have to be solaris 8 .

    All this is mainly extrapollation from what i understand since it could also very well be political obfu or management war or whatever.

    Also the dev server and the prod server are in different OS version ... Well , it just ain't nice .

    I'll tell you more when i hear what they have to say 'Live' !

    2) I have a feeling no one is really in charge of this ... Well there is a team in charge of things like version shipements, but for some reasons they also/mainly do mainframe things ?! I think their "one binary only" solution will not really solve problems because i haven't (yet ?) heard of a module management strategy. If everyone installs their own modules where they want it's bound to go chaotic !

    3) As always it's a money thing. Also the code is quite old and seems awfull in some parts, so some ppl fear the results. On a "company scale" there's also a problem with the hudge number of servers and apps . For our own little app i guess we can go with two binary (if allowed), and/or a testing process ...

      I'll tell you more when i hear what they have to say 'Live' !

      Actually, this sounds a lot like a good beginning for a use Perl journal. Why don't you start one? (or post there, if you already have one) I'm pretty sure you'd also get a few responses there.

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