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Re^2: Necessity is the mother of invention

by BrowserUk (Pope)
on Mar 09, 2005 at 22:43 UTC ( #438087=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Necessity is the mother of invention
in thread Necessity is the mother of invention


I find it almost impossible to motivate myself to solving problems for which there is no real need. That's why I find SoPW's motivating. Someone out there has a real problem they are trying to solve.

The competition aspect of Golf and similar challenges sometimes grabs me, but give me a real problem any day.

Motivation was never a problem in the workplace, but as a hobbiest, finding the motivation to, for example, write a module for the sake of having a CPAN presence just doesn't get my creative juices flowing beyond the initial proof of concept.

I always had a similar problem with pure math. I (once upon a time) could handle most of abstract math (to the fairly low level I studied it) as well or better than my peers, but the idea of futzing around with stuff that barely one percent of the population could ever understand, never mind appreciate left me cold.

If it doesn't have an application that I perceive as having real world uses, I find very little motivation for pursuing it.

I have great admiration and awe for guys like Andrew Wiles, but quite how he managed to find the motivation to pursue his proof, especially in the knowledge that there are probably only 30 or 40 people in the entire world that will ever truely understand it, is quite beyond me.

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