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Re: Image::Magick Quantize

by Roy Johnson (Monsignor)
on Mar 21, 2005 at 20:26 UTC ( [id://441293]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Image::Magick Quantize
in thread Image::Magick

Why do you want to increase the number of colors in the image? What new colors do you think ImageMagick should add, and where do you think it should put them?

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Re^2: Image::Magick Quantize
by Anonymous Monk on Mar 21, 2005 at 21:28 UTC
    Actually, I am trying to print/display an image on the pdf file. Using: my $image = PDF_load_image($p, "gif", "../images/logo.gif",""); but, this function does not support less than 128 colors. Is there is any other thing I can do to display an image to PDF file? Thanks for your help.
      I would recommend converting the file to some other format. What does PDF_load_image accept?

      Caution: Contents may have been coded under pressure.
        I converted the image from jif to jpeg and it worked. Thanks for your help.

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