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I was just reading this node: 442402, and noted that there are many changes in Perl 6 that give every appearance of making it more Object Oriented. All well and good, but I still program everything like it's a lathe (purely procedural) and I've been trying to get my head around OO for 15 years and made no progress. Every time I try to make sense of OO programming it just stops a the eyes and won't go in. That's the background, here are the questions:

How much of my (largely bad, wholly untutored) Perl 5 code will break when I upgrade to Perl 6?

How am I going to get better as a programmer if, just as I'm getting comfortable with them, my tools shift under my feet?

If I am going to be forced to become comfortable with OO programming because all of the easy-to-use tools move to an OO architecture, how do I learn OO without melting my brain?

Any insight would be appreciated, thanks.