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I wrote:

I've been trying to get my head around OO for 15 years and made no progress ... how do I learn OO without melting my brain?

And revdiablo responded:

I am not sure whether you are talking about creating object oriented code, or using object oriented APIs. What you mean can have a lot of implications on the answer.

A good question. I think that the answer is that I wish to be able to a) understand and b) create OO code. I have indeed used OO API's, but my experience with them has been like a scene from "A Fish Called Wanda":

Otto: Apes don't read philosophy!
Wanda: Yes, they do, they just don't understand it!

Where I think I get lost is that I can learn syntax, but I don't see the point, the reason the syntax is designed to reflect a structure that is, thusfar, beyond my grasp.