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Re: <> diamond Operator

by fraktalisman (Hermit)
on Apr 06, 2005 at 22:14 UTC ( #445461=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to <> diamond Operator

kocaweb wrote:
I'll i wanna do is pass this course

That's very sad. Then didn't you choose to be in the programming class? In which kind of school is Perl mandatory? I am impressed (of the school). I have met so many people who are doing some kind of course or class to make them programmers or web designers or both, and many of them even get their certificates even though the showed little talent or effort. But I am not sure if you'll become one of them. Because:

At least, kocaweb, you achieved some things: you wrote what has to be done. You have looked somewhere to find information. You even got information in the answers, hopefully you figured out the right chapter in the perl documentation and understood it. After all, you might be spending much more than ten minutes to get your homework done, but then maybe you will have learned more in the end, and this experience will help you for your next homework. Maybe it even gets you interested in the stuff you are about to learn - not only passing the exam. Now you've found Perlmonks, take some spare time and explore the site, it's a bit unconventional at first glance, but it's worth being discovered.

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Re^2: <> diamond Operator
by kocaweb (Initiate) on Apr 06, 2005 at 23:55 UTC
    look guys, my major is not in computers, I had to take one of the computer courses to finish my degree, i took perl just because the name sounded interesting, to be honest with you i dont know even how to start, thats why i asked if somebody can do it for me or at least start and then i could take it from there, and if you dont wanna help and money is in your mind , i am willing to pay for your service. Just have in mind that I am a student.

      It's not that we have a problem helping. That's what the whole site is about - if we didn't like helping, we would be elsewhere.

      It's that we generally don't like doing it for someone.

      It's just a lot easier to help someone who shows some effort than someone who shows no effort.

      My wife had to take a computer course for her degree, too. She took a course that taught QBasic on the Mac. She got mad at me for not doing some of it for her, too. But, when she completed the course, having written some really basic (no pun intended) programs, she was quite proud of them. No way she could write a lick of code now, but she was proud of it at the time. Got a good mark, too, if I recall correctly. But all I did was help - not do it for her.

      So, if you could show what you've attempted so far, and where it isn't doing what you think it should, there will be people falling over each other to help you. Really.

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