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Re^2: WWW::Mechanize follow meta refreshes

by simon.proctor (Vicar)
on Apr 15, 2005 at 09:00 UTC ( #448104=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: WWW::Mechanize follow meta refreshes
in thread WWW::Mechanize follow meta refreshes

The snippet I provided is from my test suite. I'll be first to admit that it isn't great as I've only just started hacking away with Mechanize (and wondered why I didn't start sooner ;P).

Anyway, from a testing perspective is it not better to follow the expected url and not the url in the template? Its only a minor point but are you not then reporting on a mistaken redirect but continuing as normal otherwise? I feel this is better but would welcome your comments.

I do like the delay bit but, for my testing purposes, I would also pass that into the function. Something like:
meta_refresh($mech, '/index.cgi?rm=home', 5);
Or whatever :). I would also then, personally, have a default delay (of some time determined by the particular project) and simply validate the delay as being correct (for the same reasons as with the URL).

Its funny, I only wrote this function because IIS, at the time, couldn't handle HTTP redirects and would crash (no really). Its *fixed now* but I don't have the time to rework my app again :).

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