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by belg4mit (Prior)
on Dec 07, 2000 at 02:42 UTC ( [id://45366]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

C:\> perl -MText::FIGlet -e\
     "print Text::FIGlet->new(-f=>'pebbles')->figify(-A=>'Troz!')"
oOoOOoOOo                   oO
    o                       OO
    o                       oO
    O                       Oo
    o     `OoOo. .oOo. ooOO oO
    O      o     O   o   o
    O      O     o   O  O   Oo
    o'     o     `OoO' OooO oO


Monks who might remember me from meatspace:

Quotable Quotes

Usual prelude frought with double-entendre
  • <krisahoch> Buffy r0xx0rz, all else suxx0rz
  • <kutsu> not knowing what r0xx0rz or suxx0rz mean, will assume the last statement was: "Buffy is like having zombie monkeys hitting your head with over-ripe frozen melons, all else is like that only radioactive sock instead of melons and toad for monkey

  • <fizbin> You know, right now my daughter interacts with everything in a GUI way - she points at what she wants and hoots or makes some other generic sound, and expects us to know what she means.

  • <belg4mit> . o O ( The database is not a bonsai )

  • <Beatnik> they have a flag and everything

  • belg4mit has long found the idea of boostrapping fascinating
  • ...
  • <Petruchio> belg4mit: If we weren't all programmers here, that might really give people the wrong idea…

  • <belg4mit> wog it would, /me never meant to imply it wasn't. TIMTOWTDI
  • <belg4mit> (do people say tim-tau-titty?)
  • Zaxo says diddy-wah-diddy
  • <belg4mit> diddy dum diddy doo
  • <belg4mit> seriously though
  • <pjf> There she was, just a-coding something neat, singing tim-tau-titty diddy dum diddy doo.
  • <guillaume> timtoady
  • <belg4mit> pjf++ lol!

  • <ybiC> When wog drinks grog, can he see through fog? Does he fall on a log?
  • <belg4mit> while crossing the bog?
  • <metadoktor> or jumping over frog?
  • <belg4mit> and where's his zdog?
  • <defyance> Does he like to clog?
  • Lord_Wrath sighs
  • ybiC ~chased by dogs~
  • <belg4mit> does he blog?
  • <metadoktor> no, he gets flogged.
  • <defyance> Does he like to clog?
  • <belg4mit> Is his nick sandhog?
  • virtualsue is agog
  • <belg4mit> and why instead does he not drink nog?

    Preceeded by a discussion about the use of accents in English.
  • Petruchio: "An outmoded practice perpetuated by a stuffy few"… geez, no wonder people figured I'd show up.
Line Noise: P+++R++M++O++MA++E+PU/BD/C++D+S++X/WP+++MO+++PP!n-CO--PO--G+c+P5P+P6+OL!Ee/Ev---Eon-uL+uS w-m!

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