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Re: Discrepancies in the number of replies

by Joost (Canon)
on May 04, 2005 at 13:17 UTC ( #453933=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Discrepancies in the number of replies

Do you have any examples? I must say I hardly ever look at the numbers, but it could be because of caching (if that happens at all), or just plain timing - i.e. new messages being posted between the time you request the frontpage and the request of the section page or vice-versa.

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Re^2: Discrepancies in the number of replies
by blazar (Canon) on May 04, 2005 at 13:27 UTC
    Well, for example in this moment I see as the first post in The Monastery Gates this article: DBI and PP not behaving..., from Seekers of Perl Wisdom and I see the indication "4 replies" and "3 replies" in the respective "locations".

    UPDATE: I'm not offended, but most definitely I'm puzzled to see posts like this getting downvoted, especially I can't see why, taking into account that I'm answering to a specific cmt. A reply/explanation would have been welcome...

        Yep, I've noticed this problem before. I'm sure there was a discussion on it some time ago, and whoever made the report was more or less dismissed.

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