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Re: How long do you spend at PM?

by 5mi11er (Deacon)
on May 12, 2005 at 14:06 UTC ( #456391=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to How long do you spend at PM?

I have similar thought trains to several of the posts above.

For several weeks, I spent FAR to much time here, maybe like 6 of the 8ish hours I'm supposed to be working. But at the time, I was also incubating some ideas, and did find help in very odd places for things that helped bring more clarity to the project as a whole. Unfortunately most of this might just be rationalization to help me feel better about spending so much time here because I'm unable to come up with any example, off the top of my head, of this "help". :-/ But I do think it was probably helping to tune my mind up a bit.

However now that I'm at the place where things are falling into place quickly, and I'm semi-motivated to actually work on the code, I find I've cut back my addiction to 2-3 hours per work day.

At one point I was using the java script chatterbox to keep the conversations so I could scan/read interesting bits that happened while I was away. I think I've actually said like 3 things on CB though, I've just never been one that enjoyed IM in any flavor, I'm much more of an email guy. I need time to think about my questions/answers/etc...

I also think Brad has some good insights about "seasons" and I feel the same way about my interests not being shared by anyone around me. I'm a senior network engineer, so as far as networking goes, I've got some people that actually GROK networking around me (as well as the requisite turkeys), but I'm the only scripter on the team, so when I'm deep into projects that attempt to make my teams' lives better, I definitely feel this community fills an important need.


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