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No such thing as a small change


by Dragonfly (Priest)
on Dec 10, 2000 at 18:40 UTC ( #45946=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Howdy howdy. I'm just a poor way-faring stranger, travelin' through this world o' woe...

Name: Mark Beihoffer
Age: 34
Hobbies: Perl, Business, Songwriting, Art & Design

What can I say about Perl that has not already been said? Probably nothing. I use it for quite a few "glue" applications, but lately have been becoming more object-aware and have reaped the benefits of being able to program larger pieces more quickly.

I do some PHP coding and work with MySQL quite a bit now. Perl is much more versatile than PHP, but PHP has it's strong points as well. It makes a terrific front-end s‎crip‎ting language for web applications.

My personal site is running Habari, my band's website is running WordPress, and my business site runs WordPress as well, but with some added Perl goodness. I also run a handful of other sites around and about, but nothing too fancy.

I've been tinkering with Catalyst quite a bit lately, and I've found it to be enormously fun and powerful so far, but haven't launched anything with it yet because I'm sort of a newbie with it. I don't have much to compare it to; I've played with PHP's Symfony MVC framework a little bit and have been pretty curious about Ruby on Rails, but so far I'm going to stick with Catalyst and see where it goes.

Another one of my favorite Perl projects is Plagger; I can't tell you how much fun I've had building Planet sites with it. I also wrote a custom Plagger plugin that submits the Planet RSS feed you've aggregated to WordPress, so when you wake up in the morning all you need to do is go into WordPress and edit the categories of the new posts, and voila, there they are on your front page. Very slick and saves me a lot of time.

I'd really like to improve my Perl skills this year, and I'm looking at picking up Perl Best Practices next (I'm an avid O'Reilly/Perl fan) and maybe the new Packt book about Catalyst. I sure like the Monastery and hope I have the chance to hang out here more frequently this year.

Word to your mother,


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