For those who haven't heard the news, Perl 6 has recently received a large shot in the arm. Out of nowhere, autrijus jump started a Perl 6 compiler/interpreter called Pugs. A touch more than 100 days later (check out autrijus' journal for a blow-by-blow account), and we already have a considerable amount of Perl 6 to play with. There's still a long way to go (including porting or rewriting the whole thing in Perl 6 itself), but the pace of development is amazing and exciting.

Now my question is, why aren't more people joining in the fun? I can imagine many reasons. Some of them are compelling reasons. Others may be not so good. But I'm trying to get a sense of what some actual reasons are. Think of this as a survey of the Monk population. Please respond early and often!

Note: My choice of the words "using" and "joining in the fun" are intentionally ambiguous. There are a lot of things that this implementation can be useful for, but I'm trying not to influence anybody's responses. Not yet, anyway. :-)

Update: for more information on Pugs, see Limbic~Region's fine post, Get Involved With Pugs.

Update: apologies to those, like mrborisguy, who are already using Pugs. Perhaps they can chime in as to why they are using Perl 6? :-)

Final update: I have posted a follow reply at Re: Why aren't you using Perl 6 yet?