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Re^2: Your Perl 6 wishlist?

by tsee (Curate)
on May 25, 2005 at 17:59 UTC ( #460410=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Your Perl 6 wishlist?
in thread Your Perl 6 wishlist?

Perl isn't Mathematica, nor does it have the statistical analysis tools of C (eg. ROOT), but the Math:: namespace houses a couple of powerful tools! Anyhow, a package that can do a lot of math related things is extremely difficult to design.

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Re^3: Your Perl 6 wishlist?
by JanneVee (Friar) on May 25, 2005 at 19:13 UTC

    I've seen them, used them(mostly PDL) and I know that is extremely difficult to design. Further I know that perl isn't mathematica. But the nice thing about perl is that it is quite handy when you want to parse large textfiles of data and calculate something on that data without the need to break out in a separate software to do the "hard" stuff on it.

    Also, I do believe that this thread was started what we monks would wish for in Perl6 and not what is available in Perl 5. I thought that math module adapted for Perl6 would be a nice addition.

      It should be possible to build a better PDL then PDL in p6. For one thing, you have better operator overloading. Perhaps more importantly, you can create your own operators. If you want, you can create a dot-product operator, . You can create new syntax for writing row and column vectors easily -- say (- 1, 2, 3 -) and (|1, 2, 3|). You aren't bound to mearly subverting the existing language as PDL does; you can create new bits of language from whole cloth.

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