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Re: Developer::Perl::Find

by astroboy (Chaplain)
on May 28, 2005 at 23:03 UTC ( #461422=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Developer::Perl::Find

from your post:
We’re a 100% Perl shop, really pushing the envelope, doing some amazing things. We’ve got a great team of really smart Perl developers and architects, but we’re under-staffed.
Wow, that sounds more dynamic than your ad! Imagine a top-flight Perl guru hoping to escape from the tedium of his/her current job, coming across your post instead of the dry, ho-hum of:
You must be passionate about web applications, scalability, and the end-user experience. You will write technical specifications based on product requirements documents, and both oversee and participate in the implementation of those products. You will work closely with Product Management, Quality Assurance, and Operations, as well as the rest of the Product Development team, to ensure that your sties are available, responsive, scalable, secure, up-to-date, and feature-rich.
The fact is, your ad states what you want out from a programmer, but not why they'd want to work for you. Fuel the Perl lust, baby

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