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Re: use Perl;

by ady (Deacon)
on Jun 01, 2005 at 18:24 UTC ( #462590=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to use Perl;

So, looking at your answers to use Perl; i conclude that you Perl developers out there:
* rely on the great flexibility and capability of Perl * esp. in the areas of large volume text transformation and report gen +eration * in multi-platform glue tool scenarios * to speed up programming and facilitate process automation * thus saving money and thereby earning management approval Establishing this truth to a traditional big IT-shop management by : * initially flying below the radar, not asking for formal approval * but starting to solve useful company problems * initially as a proof of concept (in your spare time) The apps you mention are typically in the sysadm and tech.tool departm +ent: * sys.automation (patch/upgrade, build/test/backup) * sys.adaptation (install, config, user scripting) * (customer, interfaces, suport, bugs) * tools (wiki, time managers etc.)
This is very much what i expected, and to a large degree reflects the process that i have lived through in my own life with Perl: my main Perl app. up till now has been solving a real company need by developing a glue-tool for automated transformation of a large text database to graphics file format, and glueing this to a range of graphic editors and viewers. To some degree in my spare time, and certainly keeping the "Perl part" below the waterline, just mentioning i was using "a scripting techniques" (as opposed to the full blown company sanctioned language environment development platforms) to deliver the product on schedule. On the side i have been setting up a company twiki site and thrown together some Perl scripts to help solve data transformation tasks for colleagues.

I can see some additional usage scenarios for Perl in our company in build/test automation as some of you mentioned, and i intend to explore this further in the time ahead.

I still wonder if any one out there use Perl for real enterprise scale end user application development, possibly relying on OO techniques. Though i beliewe Larry Wall has characterized Perl OO as being "bolted through" the Perl5 language (and i must agree that OO is not as elegantly integrated in Perl5 as in many other OO languages), my experience with Perl/Tk has been very positive, so it seems it should be feasible to develop big end customer apps in Perl too. Of course this would hardly be able to fly "below the management radar", so that may explain why no one has mentioned this type of Perl apps...

Thanks for your feed back fellow monks!
Best regards,
-- Allan

As the eternal tranquility of Truth reveals itself to us, this very place is the Land of Lotuses
-- Hakuin Ekaku Zenji

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