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Re^2: If I had a Free Two Months...

by samizdat (Vicar)
on Jun 23, 2005 at 16:47 UTC ( #469451=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: If I had a Free Two Months...
in thread If I had a Free Two Months...

Situations like this are already well-solved in EDA tools like gEDA and other schematic capture and physical layout packages. These challenges would be a good place for Higher-Order Perl applications, as they're microworld problems like the 'Blocks World' problem detailed in AI books like Patrick Winston's Artificial Intelligence. What you describe is actually a fairly straightforward 2D+layers situation, and if you limit the allowable turnout designs and curve-piece radii, a recursive try-and-test application becomes very doable. It would work a lot like the Tetris solver used as an example in the Jaguar book, although the solution network would be much more complex and certainly the visualizer would, too.

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Re^3: If I had a Free Two Months...
by Anonymous Monk on Jan 03, 2006 at 20:34 UTC
    I didn't think about it, but board layout... yeah, it's got to be very similar. However (at least 10 years ago), I heard stories about those programs running days to get good layouts. I know it's not 10 years ago though :)

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