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Re^2: Handling A File In Human-Compatible Chunks

by Cody Pendant (Prior)
on Jun 27, 2005 at 13:35 UTC ( [id://470260]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Handling A File In Human-Compatible Chunks
in thread Handling A File In Human-Compatible Chunks

Thanks everyone for you contributions. I don't know if I confused everyone with the use of the word "paragraph", that wasn't my main concern as much as the sub.

Holli's contribution looks like exactly what I wanted.

($_='kkvvttuu bbooppuuiiffss qqffssmm iibbddllffss')
=~y~b-v~a-z~s; print
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Re^3: Handling A File In Human-Compatible Chunks
by holli (Abbot) on Jun 27, 2005 at 13:43 UTC
    Well, all I did was taking your code and adding some OO-sugar around it.

    holli, /regexed monk/
      Very nice sugar, thank you. Posting to say, I got extra-lazy and decided I wanted it even easier.

      Holli's code has two methods, one to open the file and the rest to return it in chunks.

      $reader->open ("/path/to/file.txt"); #iterate while ( my $chunk = $reader->chunk ) { print "$chunk\n****************\n"; }
      Whereas I'm so lazy I wanted to do just this:
      while ( my $chunk = $reader->chunk("/path/to/file.txt") ) { print "$chunk\n****************\n"; }

      So I moved some code around and got this, which works just fine:

      package ChunkReader; sub new { my $class = shift; my %args = @_; $args{threshold} = 2048 unless defined $args{threshold}; return bless {%args}, $class; } sub chunk { my $self = shift; unless ( $self->{handle} ) { my $file = shift || $self->{file}; print "Filename is $file\n"; my $handle; open($handle, "<", $file) or die "cannot open '$self->{file}\n'"; $self->{handle} = $handle; } my $handle = $self->{handle} || die "File not open!\n"; my $chunk = $self->{lastline}; # reset last line $self->{lastline} = ''; while ( $line = <$handle> ) { if ( ( length( $chunk ) + length( $line ) ) > $self->{threshold} ) { # unless we already read a chunk # (when a single line is bigger than the threshold) unless ( $chunk ) { #return the line return $line; } else { # save the last line for further use # and return the chunk $self->{lastline} = $line; return $chunk; } } else { # append line and keep going $chunk .= $line; } } #end of file return $chunk; } 1;

      ($_='kkvvttuu bbooppuuiiffss qqffssmm iibbddllffss')
      =~y~b-v~a-z~s; print

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