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Re^2: WebApp Installation Preparation

by waswas-fng (Curate)
on Jun 28, 2005 at 18:57 UTC ( #470758=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: WebApp Installation Preparation
in thread WebApp Installation Preparation

Par is a good way to package up all of the perl modules. I would steer away from using it for Apache or the other 3rd party bins. I would also like to point out that you may have issues on non-similar hosts. Meaning if you build your PAR on debian and the client is running Redhat that is based on a different version of libc, you can have issues. You best bet would be to have all of the required sources for all of the 3rd party modules and bins in your delivery with a script that compiles and installs them to their system with the compile time options that you need. I would also suggest placing them in a directory besides the standard one -- so that lets say you need apache installed with your options it does not clobber their own install of it.


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