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twotone's scratchpad

by twotone (Beadle)
on Jun 30, 2005 at 00:55 UTC ( #471216=scratchpad: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I needed to extract contacts from a text file that were listed in mailing lable format (originally from a word doc) like this:

Mr. and Mrs. John Doe 3528 East Main St Centerville, Iowa 85213 CRAIG and LORI SHOEMAKER 2939 LEATHER WAY COBBLER, MS 85204 543-216-7890

Zip and phone are optional. Zip is either on line with city and state, or on next line.

Capitalization is changed to First letters only capitalized with the help of my "Capitalize Title" Regex. A couple more regexes ensure certain small words are left lower case unless at the beginning or end of a string. Here is the perl code I used:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use Fcntl qw(:flock :seek); print qq(Adress Extractor V 0.0.1 by Timothy Dutton (C) 2007 This program will extract addresses from a plain text file and saves a new file in tab-delimited database format. -Press Enter to Continue-\n); my $input = <>; print qq(Addresses can be extracted in the following formats: John and Jane Doe 123 Anywhere St. Smalltown, AZ 12345 John and Jane Doe 123 Anywhere St. Smalltown, AZ 12345 123-234-3456 John and Jane Doe 123 Anywhere St. Smalltown, AZ 12345 (123)123-1234 ); my $filename; my $outname; my $file; my $outfile; my $found; my $count; # main program loop while (1) { print "Enter file name: (Enter x to exit)\n"; $input = <>; chomp($input); $filename = $input || ''; $outname = ''; if ($filename =~ /^(.*)(\..*)/) { my $name = $1 || ''; my $ext = $2 || ''; $outname = $name . '_out' . $ext; } $file = &getFile($filename); $outfile = ''; $found = 1; $count = 0; while ($found) { # look for addresses if ($file =~ /\s*([a-z\. ]+)\s*\n\s*([a-z0-9\. #]+)\s*\n\s*([a-z \ +.]+)\s*,\s*([a-z \.]+)\s*\n?(?:\s*(\d{1,15}(?:-\d{1,4})?)\s*\n)?(?:\s +*(\+?(?:1\s*[-\/\.]?)?(?:\((?:\d{3})\)|(?:\d{3}))\s*[-\/\.]?\s*(?:\d{ +3})\s*[-\/\.]?\s*(?:\d{4})(?:(?:[ \t]*[xX]|[eE][xX][tT])\.?[ \t]*(?:\ +d+))*))?/i) { $file =~ s/\s*([a-z\. ]+)\s*\n\s*([a-z0-9\. #]+)\s*\n\s*([a-z \. +]+)\s*,\s*([a-z \.]+)\s*\n?(?:\s*(\d{1,15}(?:-\d{1,4})?)\s*\n)?(?:\s* +(\+?(?:1\s*[-\/\.]?)?(?:\((?:\d{3})\)|(?:\d{3}))\s*[-\/\.]?\s*(?:\d{3 +})\s*[-\/\.]?\s*(?:\d{4})(?:(?:[ \t]*[xX]|[eE][xX][tT])\.?[ \t]*(?:\d ++))*))?//i; my @address = ($1,$2,$3,$4,$5,$6); my @no_uc = qw(a an the and but or nor as at by for in of on to +from into onto with as by); foreach my $i (0 .. 5) { $address[$i] = '' unless $address[$i]; # make string all lower case; $address[$i] =~ tr/[A-Z]/[a-z]/; # capitalize first letters of words $address[$i] =~ s/\b(\w+)\b/ucfirst($1)/ge; # DE-capitalize the @no_uc words, unless they are the first or + last foreach my $word (@no_uc) { # don't lower case if at beginning or end of string # so make sure there is white space on both sides of word $address[$i] =~ s/(\s)($word)(\s)/$1 . lc($2) . $3/ige; } print "Processing ... $address[$i]\n"; } # add the address to the outfile $outfile .= join("\t",@address) . "\n"; $count++ # no addresses found } else { $found = 0; } } #write the file &saveFile($outname,$outfile); print qq($count addresses were saved to $outname.\n\n); } # end main program loop exit; ############# sub getFile { my $filename = shift; open(IN,"$filename") or &cry("Can't open $filename: $!","Error at " +. __LINE__ . ": Can't open $filename: $!"); flock(IN, LOCK_SH); # shared lock seek(IN, 0, SEEK_SET); # rewind to beginning my(@file) = <IN>; close(IN); if (wantarray) { return @file; } else { my $file = join("",@file); return $file; } } ############## sub saveFile { my $filename = shift; my $data = shift; my $error = ''; # open file for append or overwrite #open(OUT, ">>$filename"); #open file to append open(OUT, ">$filename") or $error = "Cannot Save $filename\n"; #open +/create file to overwrite flock(OUT, LOCK_EX); # set exclusive lock print OUT $data; #append the page enter time to file close(OUT); # close file return $error; }
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