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I have a problem with Template Toolkit, more specifically with the WRAPPER directive. I'm using ttree. In my ttreerc I defined a wrapper, let's call it "foo". Then, in one of the pages, I used a redirect() FILTER to produce several pages, each described in a data structure defined in the page. This is very similar to my actual code:
[% categories = [ ... ] %] [% FOREACH c IN categories %] [% FILTER redirect( $c ) %] bla bla bla [% END %] [% END %]
Now, I'd like each category page to use the same wrapper. My first attempt has been the following:
... [% FILTER redirect( $c ) %] [% WRAPPER foo %] bla bla bla [% END %] [% END %] ...
but it does not work, leading to ! file error - recursion into 'wrapper.tt2' in the build phase. Allowing recursion via ttree config leads just to deeper errors.
I think I'm facing a common problem, which I'm trying to solve using the wrong tecnique. What's your advice ? Thank you.