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Re: Starting with Perl

by holli (Abbot)
on Jul 26, 2005 at 06:38 UTC ( #478076=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Starting with Perl

Well for learning Perl, there is a book which's name surprisingly is Learning Perl ;-) I'd start with that, followed by the camel.

I would always use a Templating System, even for smaller projects. It saves you much debugging time. And you can learn them, especially TT, rather quickly.

As you have some PHP experience, Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason could be interesting for you. I personally prefer TT, for which I have some printable docu in PDF format on my homepage.

The answer to your last question:
perldoc -f require
Happy coding.

holli, /regexed monk/

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