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Re^2: copying perl array to javascript array

by gryphon (Abbot)
on Aug 09, 2005 at 20:33 UTC ( #482413=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: copying perl array to javascript array
in thread copying perl array to javascript array

Greetings GoCool,

Just my own personal opinion (and it seems to work out well for me in my particular situation) is: Why translate a data structure from Perl to XML and then from XML to JavaScript data object if all you're ever going to do with AJAX is talk between Perl and JavaScript? Seems faster, simpler, and easier to just go direct from Perl to JavaScript, which is why I like JSON so much.

I'm not against XML, but I am against having to use XML when there's really no reason to do so. If I were going to de-link my data provider (Perl CGI/mod_perl) from my GUI (JavaScript) so that some developer who's not me could build a hook into the data source and build their own GUI, then XML would make a lot of sense. However, if I don't really care about exposing my data source, then I don't want to waste the time with XML.

Just my opinion. There's more than one way to do it.

gryphon Development Manager (DSMS)
code('Perl') || die;

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