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Re^2: Tools you can't live without

by jhourcle (Prior)
on Aug 10, 2005 at 10:26 UTC ( #482555=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Tools you can't live without
in thread Tools you can't live without

I find a digital camera useful, in combination with the whiteboard.

After I've gone and drawn something on my whiteboard, if it's not something that's actively under revision, I can snap a picture of it, and save it for later reference, and clear up the whiteboard for later reuse.

I can also then send off copies to my other project members (most of whom work 2+ time zones away), and it's a hell of a lot cheaper than those computer-backed whiteboards that track everything, and easier to use.

Of course, I could live without it -- I've been known to put diagrams in ASCII art in comment blocks, but I find the camera useful for getting quick concensus on design changes, with a distributed team. (and good realtime comunications -- IM has significantly reduced our development time, even with the time I had to spend getting permission to violate the policy and the hoops they made me jump through)

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Re^3: Tools you can't live without
by adrianh (Chancellor) on Aug 10, 2005 at 10:58 UTC
    I find a digital camera useful, in combination with the whiteboard.

    Oh yes. Me too.

    I use a nice little tool that lets me tidy up any perspective distortion and improve the contrast of any shots I take.

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