vote on I'm not going to [|YAPC Europe: Braga, Portugal], because

I spent all my money elsewhere (comment below)
[bar] 87/35%
I don't like good food
[bar] 4/2%
I don't like good desserts
[bar] 1/0%
I don't like the idea of three days of Perl
[bar] 8/3%
They won't let me (comment below)
[bar] 44/18%
I don't like good weather
[bar] 10/4%
I don't like cheap beer
[bar] 11/4%
I don't want to meet all you guys
[bar] 29/12%
What do you mean, not going?
[bar] 30/12%
I voted for fishnets
[bar] 25/10%
249 total votes

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