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There is plenty of space to fit those files in your post (update). Now, nothing looks out of the ordinary before the error, so finally I can get to it. The problem is the line
pptr+pdl->dimincs[pdl->ndims-1-plevel]* i * pdl_howbig(pdl->datatype)
And pptr is of type void*, a nonstandard feature that gcc allows, but apparently equivalent to
((char*)pptr)+pdl->dimincs[pdl->ndims-1-plevel]* i * pdl_howbig(pdl->d +atatype)
. Make sure to edit pdlcore.c.PL (it might not be a bad idea to alert the PDL folks).

While you're at it, you might need to add `echo exit 0 >pdl` unless -e 'pdl'; before exit in (man what a mess).

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