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Re: Perl and Microsoft Excel

by wink (Scribe)
on Aug 20, 2005 at 00:34 UTC ( #485336=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Perl and Microsoft Excel

Unless there are commas in your fields, you could comma-delimit it and save is as a .csv (comma-seperated value) file.

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Re^2: Perl and Microsoft Excel
by brian_d_foy (Abbot) on Aug 20, 2005 at 01:06 UTC

    Even if there are commas in your data, you can save it as a CSV file. Use one of the CSV modules on CPAN to handle it right.

    And, if you don't think there are commas in your data, just wait. They tend to sneak in there on friday nights and the first days of vacation. :)

    brian d foy <>

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