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Dear monks,

I'm interested in using the perlish implementation of CORBA "COPE". The last release on CPAN seems to have been on 15 August 1997 (gasp! cpan archaeology). Further development has been going on outside CPAN at "We COPE", but that too seems to have closed shop. I'm trying to figure out if anyone is still working on COPE, and if not, how I can go about picking up the project (perhaps including transfer of nursing-rights on CPAN?). Any hints on how I might go about doing that? I've had contact with Bart Schuller, the original author - but he mentioned that he's left the project way back, and that if anyone knows the status it'd be a chap called Giles Atkinson - though any of the email addresses of his in relation to COPE seem to have gone defunct. What to do?