No not just a daemon written in Perl but a Perl Daemon (perld?). Something that could be lanuched and bestow upon a perl process some pristine environment of loaded modules plus the run-time environment from which the daemon client script was run. Think of mod_perl except without Apache. Here are some random thoughts on it.

What possible use could this daemon serve?
Well, have you ever tried to forking a whole bunch under mod_perl? Yeah, generally a bad idea. Now don't get me wrong mod_perl is awesome. I love mod_perl (seriously I'm a big fan). But forking under it can cause things to act funny.

You know... it is only going to slow Perl down.
Yes true. Copying the environment and getting everything setup correctly for a script to run will take some extra time. But what if that takes less time than loading 3-4mb of modules everytime that script runs?

How are you going to copy all that stuff from one process to another efficiently?
I don't know. Named pipes? Shared Memory? Some sort of IPC I imagine.

How would one use this thing?
#!/usr/bin/perld What is wrong with that?

So there is the idea. Does anyone know if someone has tried this before?
Your comments please.