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I'm writing a script that parses certain information out of a series of Excel files. The logic to read the files and grab the data I need works fine. My problem is that I keep running out of memory. I'm running into what appears to be a memory leak that manifests itself when I open more files. I'm processing the files sequentially so I would expect that any memory allocated when I open a file would be freed when I open the next but that's not the case. I'm losing 1-2 Kb of memory with each new file. This hasn't been a problem with other ParseExcel scripts I've written since I was only working on 1 or 2 files. Now I'm dealing with over 800 files and it definitely is a problem.

Various searches have come up with alternative cell handling techniques to limit memory usage when parsing large files. I tried that just to make sure but it had no effect. The files I'm working with aren't that large, there's just a lot of them.

The pertinent sections of the code are listed below

# # Subroutines # sub get_cell_val() { my ($src_sheet, $src_row, $src_col) = @_; if (defined $src_sheet->{Cells}[$src_row][$src_col]) { $_ = $src_sheet->{Cells}[$src_row][$src_col]->Value; } else { $_ = ''; } } # # Main Program # my @files = <*.xls>; for my $file (@files) { print "Opening DLR $file\n" if $DEBUG; my $dlr_num = $file; $dlr_num =~ s/.xls//; print "DLR Number is $dlr_num\n" if $DEBUG; my $src_book = new Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::Workbook->Parse($file) +; my $count = $src_book->{SheetCount}; print "Sheet Count = $count\n" if $DEBUG; $count--; my $src_sheet = $src_book->{Worksheet}[$count]; SHEET: for (my $row = 0 ; $row <= 100 ; $row++) { for (my $col = 0 ; $col <= 5 ; $col++) { my $cell_val = &get_cell_val($src_sheet,$row,$col); # Check for disconnected circuits if ($cell_val =~ /disco/i) { print "$dlr_num has been disconnected\n" if $DEBUG; last SHEET; } # Start looking for related Order Numbers if ($cell_val =~ /Circuit Layout Data/i) { print "Entering Circuit Layout Data\n" if $DEBUG; while ($row <= 100) { my $cell_val2 = &get_cell_val($src_sheet,$row,2); if ($cell_val2 =~ /DWDM/i) { $cell_val2 =~ s/^.*(DWDM....).*$/$1/i; print "We have a WINNER!!! - DLR # $dlr_num re +ferences $cell_val2\n\n" if $DEBUG; } $row++; } } } } }

Does anyone have a suggested work-around or fix for this? Or is there a problem with my code that I'm not seeing?