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Here you configure node filtering for Newest Nodes.

  • Sections to hide: Select any sections whose nodes you do not wish to be included in the list generated by Newest Nodes. Be sure to check the "Update" checkbox! Otherwise, your selection will not be updated. This is just a safeguard against accidental changes.

  • TOC style: Select the format/verbosity style you prefer for the table of contents shown at the top of Newest Nodes. You can try all of them to see which you like best.

  • Show reaped nodes: Normally, Newest Nodes will not display nodes which have been reaped. If you prefer, you can have reaped nodes included in the listing. There are separate controls for root nodes and reply (i.e. non-root) nodes.

  • Order nodes by: You can control the order in which nodes are listed in Newest Nodes. Currently, the available options are to order by creation time, by author ID (not name), or by title. The default is to order by creation time.
    Note that this only orders node lists within each section of Newest Nodes; the sections are always kept separate.

To learn about how the 'last checked' time works, see About the Newest Nodes view.

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