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What the heck is that?

This fall I'm refereeing youth soccer games. It's been a learning experience in the the way that boys, girls, and adults approach competition.


I accidentally bumped into computers while trying to become an accountant. I was hooked immediately. My first language was PL/C. I then learned Fortran and then COBOL.

After awhile, I ended up managing a warehouse with a computer running something called SCO Xenix and a database called Informix. Hmmmm very tasty! It absolutely blew my mind to see 8 users running programs on Wyse 30's off of one IBM AT.


I'm a sysadmin for a retail company based in Omaha, Nebraska. After a few years away from perl, I'm coming back home.

This week I...

Re-discovered PerlMonks

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O'Reilly's Asterisk Book

Keep Learning. Keep Trying. Keep taking chances.

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