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Re^2: Our Saints

by cog (Parson)
on Sep 28, 2005 at 16:43 UTC ( #495829=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Our Saints
in thread Our Saints

I'm sure I would, were it not for the link it points to be a 403 Forbidden O:-)

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Re^3: Our Saints
by rnahi (Curate) on Sep 28, 2005 at 16:48 UTC

    Don't dismiss it too quickly. The original sample was taken offline after the poster left PerlMonks, but run the code at Re: Pointless Statistics and see why you should be interested.

    update Notice that (you should see it by reading the code) the script will not show anything on the screen, but only produce several nice HTML files in a temporary directory.

      I did. No output...

      update: Found it O:-)

        As modified below, works for me on w2k, (AS) perl v 5.8.6 with output to a local dir (see "MODIFY" comment, below)
        #!C:/Perl/bin use strict; use warnings; use Date::Calc qw /Today Delta_Days/; use LWP::Simple; use POSIX qw /strftime/; # umask 022 or die "Failed to set umask: 022\n"; #umask? Not on 'doze sub output; my $url = ' +print'; $_ = get $url or die "Failed to fetch '$url'\n"; my $target_dir = "c:/__wo_ww/"; # MODIFY TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS. w +as /tmp in Abigail-II's node, cited above my $xp_file = "$target_dir/xp.html"; my $arts_file = "$target_dir/arts.html"; my $days_file = "$target_dir/days.html"; my $xp_day_file = "$target_dir/xp_day.html"; my $xp_art_file = "$target_dir/xp_art.html"; my $art_day_file = "$target_dir/art_day.html"; my %data; while (m!<tr[^>]*> <td \s+ align="[^"]+">(\d+)</td> <td><a \s+ HREF="[^"]+">([^<]+)</a></td> <td \s+ align="[^"]+">(\d+)</td> <td \s+ align="[^"]+"><a \s+ HREF="[^"]+">(\w+)</a></td> <td \s+ align="[^"]+">(\d+)-(\d+)-(\d+)</td>!gx) { my ($pos, $name, $xp, $arts, $yr, $mon, $day) = ($1, $2, $3, $4, $5, $6, $7); $xp -= 1000000 if $name =~ /^vroom/; my $days = Delta_Days $yr, $mon, $day, Today; $data {$name} {xp} = $xp; $data {$name} {arts} = $arts =~ /None/ ? 0 : $arts; $data {$name} {days} = $days; $data {$name} {xp_day} = sprintf "%.2f" => $xp / $days; $data {$name} {xp_art} = $arts =~ /None/ ? "999999" : sprintf "%.2f" => $xp + / $arts; $data {$name} {art_day} = $arts =~ /None/ ? 0 : sprintf "%.2f" => $art +s / $days; } # Rank them. for my $field (qw /xp arts days xp_day xp_art art_day/) { my $new_field = "${field}_rank"; my $count = 0; foreach my $name (sort {$data {$b} {$field} <=> $data {$a} {$field}} keys %data) { $data {$name} {$new_field} = ++ $count; } } output "xp", $xp_file; output "arts", $arts_file; output "days", $days_file; output "xp_day", $xp_day_file; output "xp_art", $xp_art_file; output "art_day", $art_day_file; sub output { my ($key, $file) = @_; my @names = sort {$data {$b} {$key} <=> $data {$a} {$key}} keys %d +ata; my $now = strftime "%e %B %Y", localtime; open my $fh => ">", $file or die "Failed to open $file: $!\n"; print $fh <<"--"; <html> <head><title>Pointless Perlmonks Saints Statistics</title></head> <body> <a href = "/">Home</a> <a href = "./">Pointless stats</a> <hr> <h1>Pointless Perlmonks Saints Statistics</h1> <table border = 1> <tr><th>Name</td> <th colspan = 2><a href = 'arts.html'>Articles</a></td> <th colspan = 2><a href = 'xp.html'>XP</a></td> <th colspan = 2><a href = 'days.html'>Days</a></td> <th colspan = 2><a href = 'xp_day.html'>XP per day</a></td> <th colspan = 2><a href = 'xp_art.html'>XP per article</a></td> <th colspan = 2><a href = 'art_day.html'>Articles per day</a></td> +</tr> -- foreach my $name (@names) { print $fh "<tr><td>$name</td>"; foreach my $key (qw /arts xp days xp_day xp_art art_day/) { my $rank = "${key}_rank"; print $fh "<td align = 'right'>$data{$name}{$key}</td>" . "<td align = 'right'>($data{$name}{$rank})</td>" +; } print $fh "</tr>\n"; } print $fh <<"--"; </table> <hr> <div align = "center"> <table><tr><td> Copyright 2003 by Abigail.<br> Page last modified: $now</br> Comments to: \$web\$\ </td></tr></table> </div> </body></html> -- close $fh or die "Failed to close $file: $!\n"; }

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