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Fellow monastery wanderer ,

I just fumbled a way in blending arrays and hashes , I am naive to estimate whether this is a right way of doing... whatever is seen below( is what i meant ).

There cannot be a better judge than you , so please integrate your comments.
for($i=0;$i<=5;++$i){ print"\nEnter the $i th value which you need to append in hash: "; chomp($table_value[$i]=<STDIN>); } %new_hash_experiment=( "aa",$table_value[0], "ab",$table_value[1], "ac",$table_value[2], "ad",$table_value[3], "ae",$table_value[4], "af",$table_value[5]); foreach (sort keys %new_hash_experiment) { print "$_ contains $new_hash_experiment{$_}\n";
Its fun to code perl even when its going wrong !