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Re: Perl For Web Site Management

by EvanCarroll (Chaplain)
on Oct 01, 2005 at 01:01 UTC ( #496571=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Perl For Web Site Management

I think your review is too long, and candy coated. Let me sum it up.

This book sucks

Horrible practice throughout the book, parsing HTML with regexs and such, lots of CGI examples, nothing much of mod_perl. Very disappointing, I would say it covers much of what the llama book does -- Learning Perl, and with much less grace.

Just because this book teaches regexes, as they apply to the Apache log files does not make it tailored to web management in my eyes. Anyone managing a web site, that uses perl, can add two and two together, and figure out how to parse their own file. I would use it to wipe my arse, but the pages are too hard. 100% useless.

Evan Carroll

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Re^2: Perl For Web Site Management
by Anonymous Monk on Sep 18, 2008 at 14:20 UTC
    As sister Jane says in the recent "Pride and Prejudice" adaptation, "everyone is not the _same_, Lizzie." The reason I wrote this book is well summed up by the earlier commenter, a non-programmer who was uncomfortable when reading the Llama (from which I also learned Perl, and was similarly uncomfortable) with the notion that the book was assuming a lot of things about my background that weren't true.

    Granted, you didn't like the book. Stipulated: It was not suitable for someone like you. That's not that same as it not being suitable for anyone.

    Yes, if I were writing it again knowing what I know today I would certainly write a different, and arguably a better, book. There are things that make me cringe when I read it again today (things that are well-summed-up by the notation Damian Conway put inside the front cover of my personal copy when I was collecting signatures like a lovestruck teenager at an O'Reilly book signing: "Oh, how I wish I'd written this book." Ouch.)

    But experienced programmers like the me of today (and presumably, you) aren't interested in writing a book for that particular audience. Explaining all that basic stuff (what is a subroutine? how do regexes work?) in simple terms that assume _zero_ programming background is a lot of work. That's why those beginners get really crappy books written for them that teach them bad habits and leave them floundering.

    I set out to write a better book for that audience because I related to them, because I _was_ one of those folks, and wanted to help them along the first few steps of the path. That's all the Ugly Monkey tried to do, and I think it did an okay job of it.

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