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Re^2: pattern match a name from stdin

by Anonymous Monk
on Oct 05, 2005 at 15:56 UTC ( #497647=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: pattern match a name from stdin
in thread pattern match a name from stdin

this now works:
if (m/\|\Q$file/) {print $num_entry};
However, if i want the match to occur at at the end i would include an addition $
if (m/\|\Q$file$/) {print $num_entry};
For example if the user entered Sarah it could output Sarah and Sarah-jane. But this second bit of code doesnt seem to work?

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Re^3: pattern match a name from stdin
by japhy (Canon) on Oct 05, 2005 at 16:34 UTC
    The \Q is making the '$' match a literal '$'. You want  m/\Q|$file\E$/, methinks.

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