As someone who hasn't been using some Unix style operating system much before (Just Amiga OS/Workbench and Windows - recently started with Linux) I'm not too used on reading documentation that comes with programs. And even when I did - it was usually crap.

Even using Perl for freelance web development for the past ~3 years didn't help much with that. I guess I assumed that it's documentation is like any other.

And exception to that was perltoot - I stumbled upon it somewhere on Internet while I was searching for Perl OOP Tutorial.

Either way, recently I got some spare time and I gave a chance to Perl's documentation. Downloaded from Internet, in compiled HTML (chm) file type. Maybe reading JAVA built-in docs (needed something for University, and that was only thing about JAVA handy) added to it.

Revelation !

But honestly - I didn't realise so far that Perl's built in documentation is so good. Way better than Java's. Way better than any documentation that I saw before ...

Oh now I feel bad for not taking a look at it before!

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